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About us

I studied traditional chinese medicion for 4 years (Guang Ming Beijing University).

I attended a Shiatsu school for 3 years. Japanese healing techniques which guides the balance of the energy flow called meridians and thereby induce the balance of the organs, body and mind.
If necessary, I use the Shiatsu techniques and the knowledge of the acupuncture system with the tantra massage. This helps to remove the blockages and to increase and distribute the energy throughout the body leading to a more intense experience.

I teach work with energy and the Usui system.
In case of interest, you can arrange individual tantra massage lessons with me.

Besides seminars focused on tantra massage I attended those courses:

  • Sports and fitness massage
  • Aromatherapy-massage
  • Breuss and Dorn-method
  • Craniosacral therapy
  • Thai-massage
  • Cupping
  • Moxibustion
  • Reflexology foot and hand
  • Massage with lava stones
  • Hawaiian massage


I have been actively attending various tantra seminars for 4 years, focusing on - meditation, work with feminine energy, work with male energy and work with sexual energy.

I am fascinated by working with the body and energy. This work gives me pleasure and it is fascinating at the same time.
I look forward to seeing you!


She has been interested in the work with the body already for 14 years.

She has taken part in seminars and trainings aimed at self-development and also at work with other people, meditations, therapies, work with the body and energy. Since 2009 she assitss and translates at the same time at worskshops of international teachers Sunder Komaly and Khushrua Steinmauera, which are aimed at internal development, meditation, work with female and male sexual energies...

For a number of years she has been leading meditations, she works with the body and gives individual therapeutical sessions.

At the moment she is particiapting in the training of healing traumas according to Levin Somatic Experiencing under the leadership of Brigitte IttyWiedenmann (DE).


She draws upon the principles of shiatsu, bioenergetics, the western concept of anatomy and physiology, tantra and the system of the chakras. She works intuitively at meetings and is the mediator of words, touch, empathy and the existent present consciousness. She has been actively interested in the touch and its healing energy for more than 14 years.

Some of the completed seminars and trainings:

  • Výcvik pro život (A Training for life) - a three year selfexperiencing education aimed at selftansformation and acquiring the skills for work with people: Sunder Komala (BRA), Gregor Khushru Steinmauer (A), 2009-11
  • Tantra pro ženy (Tantra for women), Ženské skupiny (Female groups), Die before you die - Sunder Komala (BRA) od r 2006
  • Tantrické workshopy (Tantric workshops), Samasátí, Universal Experience - Alan Lowen (UK), Art of Being
  • Roční tantrický výcvik Posvátné Tělo, vášnivý Duch (An annual tantric training Sacred Life, passionate Spirit): John Hawken (UK), SkyDancing, 2007-8
  • Roční meditační výcvik Cesta Čaker (An annual meditation training The Path of the Chakras) - Marcela Vujčičová 2005-6
  • Přirozený projev(Natural presentation): Robert Sättler, 2004-5
  • Celoroční taneční vzdělávání (An annual dancing education): Zuna a Milan Kozánkovi, 2003-4
  • Darja Shiatsu School - a three year study of Japanese massages and Chinese medicine, 1998-2001


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A pleasant enviroment

The intimate atmosphere

BIO oils of the highest quality are used for the massage

Friendly and qualified therapeuts with experience

A personal aproach


  • Pavlina my dear,
    unfortunately is finished... but I will return asap! A tantra massage what you have done me last afternoon, is in absolute one of the two best that I has received in the last 10 years (and they have been many, as I have told you): You are really great! I had received what was mine desires, sensuality and relax, but with a performance to the top of the top. I work now to plan my next ,really next, trip to find again your magic hands.
    Talk to you soon.
  • The setting was relaxing : candles, some nice music and before the massage time for a drink and a chat.
    I was overwhelmed by the massage : with a lot of personal attention and on a natural way Pavlina gave me a Tantra massage that's hard to forget, I felt in very good hands and enjoyed every second if it.
    Pavlina, thank you and see you next time I'm in Prague.