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Taoist sexology developed as a part of medicine.

Ancient Taoists were doctors, who dealt with sexuality and its impact on health and longevity. These doctors, apart from healing acupuncture and physiotherapy, often prescribed different sexual techniques which should have helped while healing illnesses. Taoists were highly inventive and found new sexual positions. Every position had different energetic and health functions. They believed that love manifesting itself through sexuality, was the most powerful medicine and therefore, during certain health problems, they prescribed several weeks of fervent lovemaking in a certain position.

Taoist sexuality is a branch of Chinese medicine something akin to sexology as a branch of western medicine. Today the discipline formally known as Taoistic medicine is now known as traditional Chinese medicine.

Taoism, unlike many other spiritual traditions supports us in so far as we accept the fact that we have a body and that we are present in the body and that sexuality is a healthy and vital part of our essential humanity. Taoism teaches you to realize your instinctive nature.

According to Taoism, our sexual power and sensitivity should still be developing. This leads to the art of controlling ones own sexual energy and ones own instincts and to use this life-giving power for healing, increasing vitality and creativity and not least to diversify their own intimate life. For most people in the west who were raised to be bashful of their body, it is obviously a revolutionary idea.

In the West it was and still is mainly influenced by Christianity that taboos sexuality. Christianity taught us to suppress our own sexual needs and instincts, except for procreation of offspring. It also takes a negative attitude towards the culture or solo exercise, in other words, of masturbation. It has been scientifically proven, that a negative attitude to masturbation can lead to premature ejaculation.

Repression of our sexual drives and needs help to play a part in controlling our instincts instead of dominating them. Suppression of natural needs induces feelings of frustration and negatively that affect our health.

Most people are inspired by the sex /erotic industry as the variety of erotic magazines and pornographic movies, where the focus is on very superficial and unnatural sexuality, do not affect the real depth and dimension of sexual nature.

A study by the well known sexologist Kinsey, confirmed that almost 80% of Western men who were weaned on pornographic movies suffered from premature ejaculation. It is ironic that in Western culture, sex is simultaneously tantalising and condemned.

The most valuable thing we have is our health and sexuality is an integral part of a healthy life. It should be noted that our health or health problems are factors that directly affect the intensity of intimate experiences. Conversely, deep and regular work with sexual energy can heal our bodies. Therefore we should develop our sexuality, to promote health, vitality, creative thinking, deepen the sensitivity and intimacy of our lifetime’s partnership.

Tantra Salon Prague - Magic Hands have created a unique tantric massage, using knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine and Taoist techniques to work with sexual energy. Tantra massage deep work with sexual energy offers the possibility to develop the sexual sensitivity, perception and ability to circulate your energy throughout the body and mind which in healthy people can lead to full body orgasm. With each exercise your sexual energy will increase and grow. You will become more vital, more creative, more attractive and more desirable to the opposite sex.

It should be added, that as with any type of exercise, in order to reach the optimum results, it is necessary to repeat it regularly. In this case, it counts twofold :) Regularity according to Taoism means everyday training, and if possible, at the same time and hour.


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A pleasant enviroment

The intimate atmosphere

BIO oils of the highest quality are used for the massage

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  • Pavlina my dear,
    unfortunately is finished... but I will return asap! A tantra massage what you have done me last afternoon, is in absolute one of the two best that I has received in the last 10 years (and they have been many, as I have told you): You are really great! I had received what was mine desires, sensuality and relax, but with a performance to the top of the top. I work now to plan my next ,really next, trip to find again your magic hands.
    Talk to you soon.
  • The setting was relaxing : candles, some nice music and before the massage time for a drink and a chat.
    I was overwhelmed by the massage : with a lot of personal attention and on a natural way Pavlina gave me a Tantra massage that's hard to forget, I felt in very good hands and enjoyed every second if it.
    Pavlina, thank you and see you next time I'm in Prague.