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Tantra massages for couples


It is aimed at couples (married, lovers, friends) who want to relax together, try something new or make their intimate life more varied.

Before the massage, the masseuses will talk to you in a friendly atmosphere and offer you possibilities of the ending of the tantric massage and answer any questions you may have.

After the massage the masseusses will leave the room, where you can relax in privacy for the next 30 minutes.s.

For a tantra massage for couples, any of the following offered tantra massages is suitable:


Tantra Salon Praha - Pavlína 1 Tantra Salon Praha - Markéta 1 Tantra Salon Praha - Pavlína 2 Tantra Salon Praha - Markéta 2


A pleasant enviroment

The intimate atmosphere

BIO oils of the highest quality are used for the massage

Friendly and qualified therapeuts with experience

A personal aproach


  • Pavlina my dear,
    unfortunately is finished... but I will return asap! A tantra massage what you have done me last afternoon, is in absolute one of the two best that I has received in the last 10 years (and they have been many, as I have told you): You are really great! I had received what was mine desires, sensuality and relax, but with a performance to the top of the top. I work now to plan my next ,really next, trip to find again your magic hands.
    Talk to you soon.
  • The setting was relaxing : candles, some nice music and before the massage time for a drink and a chat.
    I was overwhelmed by the massage : with a lot of personal attention and on a natural way Pavlina gave me a Tantra massage that's hard to forget, I felt in very good hands and enjoyed every second if it.
    Pavlina, thank you and see you next time I'm in Prague.