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Pavlina my dear,
unfortunately is finished... but I will return asap! A tantra massage what you have done me last afternoon, is in absolute one of the two best that I has received in the last 10 years (and they have been many, as I have told you): You are really great! I had received what was mine desires, sensuality and relax, but with a performance to the top of the top. I work now to plan my next, really next, trip to find again your magic hands.
Talk to you soon.


Dobrý den,
tantramasáž jsem dostala dárkem k vánocům. Sice jsem o ní slyšela od kamarádek, ale i tak jsem si nebyla jista, do čeho jdu, prostředí mě příjemně překvapilo, přítmí, svíčičky, krásná vůně, stylová hudba, příjemná a sympatická dívka.
Chvíli jsme si povídali a pak následovala nádherná masáž, bezva jsem si odpočinula a uvolnila se. Bylo to super! Myslím, že něco tak krásného by si zasloužila každá žena a ne jenom jednou za život. Až se zase v práci budou ptát, co si přeji k vánocům, vím, co odpovím.
Děkuji, Markétko!

Alena B.

The setting was relaxing : candles, some nice music and before the massage time for a drink and a chat.
I was overwhelmed by the massage : with a lot of personal attention and on a natural way Pavlina gave me a Tantra massage that's hard to forget, I felt in very good hands and enjoyed every second if it.
Pavlina, thank you and see you next time I'm in Prague.


Pavlina, Your massage is truly amazing! A ritual that tantalises and relaxes the body, nourishes the emotions and gives energy to the spirit. A wonderful full emersion journey that you personalise and deliver in a very special way. I very much appreciate your attention for little details and the time you take to set the right peaceful atmosphere of warmth and care. Looking forward to my next visit


Es war sehr gut und einfühlsam. Man fühlt sich danach wie aus einer anderen relaxten Welt.


Liebe Pavlina,
zu dir gekommen bin ich mit gemischten Gefühlen, war es doch das erste Mal für mich diese Leistung in Anspruch zu nehmen. Bereits am Telefon bei der Terminabsprache fühlte ich mich sehr wohl, was sich ab diesem Moment auch nicht mehr ändern sollte. Bei dir angekommen empfingst du mich sehr lieb in deinen wunderschönen und modernen Räumen. Nach einem intensiven Gespräch über meine Wünsche und Vorstellungen genoss ich dann die Massage und die dazugehörigen Rituale. Bei allem was du gemacht hast spürt man, dass du besondere Fähigkeiten besitzt. Es war eine wunderschöne, entspannende, erholsame und gefühlsbetonte Zeit die ich sehr genossen habe. Ich freue mich jetzt schon auf meinen nächsten Besuch bei dir.

Liebe Grüße Stefan

My first impression on entering the temple was of peace and quiet in the presence of a very special person. Out of Pavlina emanated tranquillity and a strong presence. Over hot tea and fruit she began to make feel relaxed and I knew I was commencing a very special journey. Her English was almost faultless which made me relax further. The facility was very clean and I liked what I saw. I liked the shower facility which was very well equipped and very clean. I really like rooms and showers to be clean!!

We then began the journey into paradise together. The opening tantra ritual took me into a new space and then I was laid down on a heated floor pad where I was treated to the most wonderful series of pampering and relaxing strokes which took me deeper into myself. I floated into and out of a very spiritual and yet sensuous space with all tensions disappearing slowly but surely. My body was warm and smooth with the soothing oils. At the end of the journey I was both relaxed and fulfilled, free from day to day worries and aware of my own self. We chatted over some more fruit and then I had to leave the tantra Temple but the memory will last for a long time. If you are in Praha you must make that journey with Pavlina.

Bruce, Scotland

Dear Pavlina,
Thank you for the wonderful tantra massage last week. I thought it had everything - a really good massage technique which combined with a friendly, intimate atmosphere to make a really relaxing and sensuous massage. This is without doubt the best tantra massage I have experienced, and I would love to come back again next time I'm in Prague.

Jason UK


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A pleasant enviroment

The intimate atmosphere

BIO oils of the highest quality are used for the massage

Friendly and qualified therapeuts with experience

A personal aproach